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Blizz Club, (Stoly, David, Bennett, Ermal), formed in 2019, is an artist collective from the suburbs of Mainz.

Despite their young age, they won the nationwide Emergenza Contest in 2022, which allowed them to showcase their talent for big locations and crowds all throughout Germany many times.


Blizz Club approaches songwriting almost by chance while simultaneously being obsessed with breaking stereotypes and expectations associated with a traditional band or song.

Especially through music, they discovered that they can express their four completely contrasting and seemingly incompatible sides: one traditional, one avant-garde, one sensitive and one rough and electrically charged. This diversity is reflected within their music, with songs that draw from the aggression of punk, as well as melodies that exhibit more intimate and delicate nuances, where you could easily hear the Italian style of "Cantautore."

Blizz Club's sound cannot be attributed to any specific genre, just as their influences cannot. Their music speaks without rhetoric, using a raw and wild language that follows a thought chain that breaks boundaries, accompanied by a voice, a guitar, and a beat that are instantly recognizable.

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Parallel Lines
BREAK A LEG.                          single cover   

Parallel Lines


A Live EP recorded and produced at the Electric Soul Studios in November of 2022.

Four songs with four videos made to blow your mind.

what do you think?

Das Bett/Frankfurt

Festsaal Kreuzberg/Berlin

Das Schanz/Mühlheim

Taubertal Festival 2022

And Many More...

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